Why Beauty Matters

This presentation about “Why Beauty Matters”, by Stefan Sagmeister, is pure gold. If you’re curious about art and design, heck, life in general, you’ll love the insights Stefan is sharing here. This presentation was part of last year’s PENTAWARDS festival.

“Beauty has been created by the brain, as a shortcut to make decisions quickly.” Dr. Helmut Leder

Design principles

Design pervades life. It inhabits all cells in our body, shapes the environment we live in and infuses the products we interact with. In PES and VAU I get to observe the development of new physical objects on a daily basis. To me design has to do with rigor and magic, the interaction between discipline and creativity.

As there exist the Ten Commandments, bestowed on us by the Lord, there exist 10 “Good Design” principles too. These were developed by Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, most notably known for his work at the consumer products company Braun. 

1. is innovative
2. makes a product useful
3. is aesthetic
4. makes a product understandable
5. is unobtrusive
6. is honest
7. is long-lasting
8. is thorough down to the last detail
9. is environmentally friendly
10. is as little design as possible

What a wonderful selection, can’t really argue with any of these.