Free documentaries

Oh You Pretty Things is a web shop run by a collective of filmmakers and visual artists based in Brooklyn NY. They make films, art, books, posters, photographs, clothing, and other fine stuff. 

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit is streaming his documentaries free worldwide during the global COVID-19 crisis. Each Tuesday he is posting another film here.

This week’s turn is a documentary about the industrial designer Dieter Rams.

How to live

To the wider public Marina Abramović is first and foremost known as a performance artist. The candidness and unapologetic expression of her truest Self that pervade this interview, done by Dazed & Confused, an alternative style and culture magazine, speaks to me. If you’re intrigued as well, I recommend you follow it up by watching this video.

How do you express your authentic Self?
What does your life vision pulls you towards?
What does to be present mean to you?

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a great teacher. I perceive him to be an exceptionally kind and generous human being, a master communicator and very consistent in creating value for his audience. He sees things and then writes about them. I regularly follow his blog, his podcast Akimbo, read a few of his books and participated twice in one of his fantastic online seminars, The Marketing Seminar.

If you google him you will find a lot of content such as videos, podcasts and articles. I recently listened to an interview on The Moment, a podcast by Brian Koppelman. If you are interested in entrepreneurship and making art, I highly recommend this interview.

#gratitude to both Seth and Brian


From time to time I will be sharing discoveries that made me say “wow“. Yesterday I googled “Cultural Creatives“ which led me to the following two sites.

a) Provocative figures expanding our consciousness by Blake Ward, via his news post about Cultural Creatives.

b) Zen Alarm Clocks and Zen Timers by Now & Zen. Here is an interview with the founder, Steve McIntosh.