Towards a knowledge society

Photo by Ryan Rush on Unsplash

For a while now, we as a human race are undergoing a huge societal shift, it is happening in many places and inside of many minds all around the world. This kind of change is not intentionally created, it is a change where a new kind of world is slowly emerging.

We are shifting from an industrial, modern world to a post-industrialist, transmodern world; transmodernity means Knowledge Society. These two worlds believe in opposing values.

Values of the Industrial Society vs. the Knowledge Society

In the Industrial Society we....In the Knowledge Society we....
strive for output (quantity, tangibles) strive for knowledge (quality, intangibles)
play «survival of the fittest»play «love»
foster exclusion and suspicionfoster openness and sharing
see humans as a problemput people first
sell objects without ethical valuecherish the ethical value of knowledge
conquer and dominatecooperate and sustain
focus on capitalnurture the brain (creativity, reflection)

How does this change impact your life?


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