The 3 fundamental elements of marketing

When thinking about marketing it’s easy to skip steps by immediately focusing on sales. It’s important to avoid loosing sight of certain fundamental elements of marketing. 

No. 1
What’s the impact you want to have, the type of change you are seeking to make? This is your WHY. 

No. 2 
WHO is your audience? Notice that audience is much broader than customers. A lot of people will be part of your audience but not be customers, at least not as fast as you might like them to be. 

No. 3
What’s it for? WHAT is your brand promise? 

Marketing always has to do with telling a story. Based on how good of a match you have, between the worldview of your audience, the type of stories they keep telling themselves over and over again, about themselves and the world around them, and the elements of your brand story, that’s what will ultimately help you move forward. 

If you show up in a thoughtful and consistent way that helps your audience with what they care about, you have a chance, the chance to earn both attention and trust, currencies that are immensely valuable in today’s world of constant distractions.